Welcome to ozjthomas.com!

Here, you will find comics, cartoons, poems, illustrations, videos and other artwork I produced or co-produced. Some of it is inspired or inspiring, dealing with subjects like permaculture or mental illness. Some of it is banal and some of it may be depressing. I tried to make all of it honest. All content is appropriate for all ages, except where noted. Hopefully you will find at least some of it interesting.

My current projects include the ongoing Virgil and Solomon comic The Odyssey, which I am currently publishing 6 days a week (online and the first year as a book), a graphic novel/novella called The Serpent Speaketh (recently compleated) and a graphic novel/novella called Age of Vicarious, multiple Permaculture animations, and Permaculture related books.


There is a store if you want to buy things and some more links both above and below if you like to click things. I do commisioned artwork( pen and ink or digital) and my rates are fair. If you want to e-mail me, please click on the contact me at the bottom of the page to find my email.