Welcome to ozjthomas.com!

Here, you will find comics, cartoons, poems, illustrations, videos and other artwork I produced or co-produced. Some of it is inspired or inspiring. Some of it may be depressing. I tried to make all of it honest. Hopefully you will find at least some of it interesting.

My current projects include the ongoing Virgil and Solomon comic The Odyssey, which I am currently publishing 6 days a week (online only for now), a graphic novel/novella called The Serpent Speaketh(currently available as a free first draft e-book) and multiple Permaculture animations, various poetry and illustration projects.


There is a store if you want to buy things and some more links both above and below if you like to click things. If you want to e-mail me, please click on the contact me at the bottom of the page to find my email.